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The Washington Group Pledge

I / We pledge to support young people to be skilled and equipped to learn and earn by...

Developing key activities and events with young people to help them use their amazing skills and gain experience. Through volunteering and work placements.

I / We pledge to support young people to be active members of their communities by...

Supporting young people in being an integral part of community events inc Iwdfestivals and #iwill Wlrong alongside all genders to play a key role. Supporting young people of armed forces families to have a voice and a say in what matters to them. Through projects Supporting young LGBTQ young people by training those in public services, communities and organisations to be fully equipped and knowledgeable about LGBTQ heritage. Involving young people in the training and delivery

I / We pledge to support young people to be happy and confident in their future by...

Listening to their voices and opinions and acting on those through action.

I / We pledge to support young people’s health and wellbeing by...

Making mental health and well being a topic that is talked about. Raising the need for investment in youth services and training those who support young people. Making specific reference to Armed Forces children.

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