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Shropshire Youth Association Pledge

I / We pledge to support young people to be skilled and equipped to learn and earn by...

Running and supporting others to deliver universal access youth provision, adopting an informal learning approach, enabling young people to access the support they need to achieve in life

I / We pledge to support young people to be active members of their communities by...

creating a fun and safe environment where young people can learn and practise the value of working together. Enabling them develop social action that benefits the wider community, whether that be a geographical community or community of interest.

I / We pledge to support young people to be happy and confident in their future by...

supporting their development in a safe none judgemental environment, where they are supported to share their views and hear others views. Learning about tolerance and equipping them to assert themselves and represent their beliefs appropriately.

I / We pledge to support young people’s health and wellbeing by...

Offering a range of sup[port and activity that promotes healthy lifestyles and challenges activity that it appropriateness and harmful to their well being.

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