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Leicester City Council Youth Service Pledge

I / We pledge to support young people to be skilled and equipped to learn and earn by...

Ensuring that we offer a young person led, quality youth work programme that aims to increase and safely challenge their knowledge skills and attitudes. We will aim to raise their aspirations and empower them to make valuable, positive and meaningful decisions about their futures.

I / We pledge to support young people to be active members of their communities by...

Ensuring that the voice of young people within these communities is heard and advocated for. Ensuring young people have a pathway to inform decision makers and shape services! We will promote positive messages on social media. We will work with young people to understand their backgrounds, take ownership and pride in where they live and support them to help improve their communities.

I / We pledge to support young people to be happy and confident in their future by...

By delivering quality, informal education programmes that ultimately aim to support their personal, social and political development. We will raise ambition, aspiration and build resilience by offering opportunities to access advice and support.

I / We pledge to support young people’s health and wellbeing by...

Supporting young people to have greater understanding and respect for their own physical and mental health. By offering support and guidance as well as sign posting to appropriate services where required.

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