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Cornwall Wildlife Trust/Sarah Raynor Pledge

I / We pledge to support young people to be skilled and equipped to learn and earn by...

The Wilder Cornwall strategy which involves working with one and all to create a Wilder Cornwall with people close to nature, land and seas rich in wildlife. Cornwall Wildlife Trust will continue to deliver inclusive learning experiences and events for all age groups. Including opportunities to learn through family events, work experience, volunteering opportunities and organised group activities.

I / We pledge to support young people to be active members of their communities by...

The Wilder People initiative which champions people to take action and connect with nature. This includes raising awareness and inspiring young people to take action for wildlife and working with communities to record and understand the state of Cornwall’s wildlife and wild places.

I / We pledge to support young people to be happy and confident in their future by...

Delivering a Wilder Future. Using our knowledge and experience to influence the plans and decisions of others. By playing our part in fulfilling Cornwall’s commitment to environmental growth and engaging and inspiring the next generation of decision makers.

I / We pledge to support young people’s health and wellbeing by...

Building a connected network of Wilder Places and growing our suites of nature reserves to be the best sites for wildlife. We will continue to run wildlife projects on land in rivers and seas, connecting young people to nature so they can benefit from the positive effect of being in and around Wild Places.

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