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Blend Youth Project Pledge

I / We pledge to support young people to be skilled and equipped to learn and earn by...

Providing young people with the opportunity to develop employability & enterprise skills and knowledge, through access to volunteering placements, vocationally based education & training pathways Providing alternative education opportunities for young people who are disengaged from or struggling to access mainstream education provision.

I / We pledge to support young people to be active members of their communities by...

Advocating for and Celebrating the lives of young people by ensuring that wherever possible the voices of young people are heard and represented in their communities and that their achievements & contribution to community life are recognized & celebrated. Creating meaningful opportunities for young people to demonstrate active citizenship through engaging in community projects aimed at addressing responding to local issues & needs and to promote a sense of social cohesion.

I / We pledge to support young people to be happy and confident in their future by...

Fostering an experience of 'belonging' and 'community' for young people to reduce their experience of social exclusion & isolation. Providing safe spaces of supporting & signposting in which young people experience our core values of Belonging, Community, Hope, Compassionate Care & Inclusion and where they can enjoy activities and access services designed to improve their leisure time opportunities, promote their health & well-being and broaden their horizons.

I / We pledge to support young people’s health and wellbeing by...

Promoting the holistic health & well-being needs of young people through the provision of awareness raising activities together with targeted support services and access to information, advice and guidance support. Enabling young people to make informed and positive choices relating to their health through their participation in healthy lifestyle activities. Encouraging young people to pursue physically active lifestyles through the provision of a range of regular physical & sporting opportunities.

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